Transport and Energy

Connecting physically when there may be little petrol or total rationing. As the seas rise the ports will be less and less functional. Trade will decline and imports slow down. Where does our petrol and oil and plastics come from?

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Discussion Points:

  • How many electric station wagons can we get (not cars) and trucks

  • Can we fund them, use leasing and hire-purchase tools

  • We are a community that gathers and shares, what happens when we cant

  • How many electric vehicles can we build and how long will it take

  • Spare parts and batteries, wire, cables, wheels, tyres, and all materials

  • Rationing of petrol, oil, gas - availability for Rural? Chainsaws? Firetrucks?

  • Solar panels, inverters etc for solar garages

  • Battery replacements, how does a battery fail? Can we repair

  • Horses, brumbies, how long does it take to train a horse and the horseman

  • Retraining in building and repair of electric vehicles

  • Reduce size of some communities so can walk everywhere

  • Country folk need vehicles

  • Distribution of food, clothes etc to localities

  • If no more shopping or supermarkets, how do we distribute food

  • How much of this needs to be in place quickly, before its too late