Resilience anger and grief

Trying to stop Climate Change is a negative, restructuring society is a positive. One of our roles will be to find how to defuse the rage and channel it into ways that benefit the community.

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Discussion Points:

  • Building community resilience and downsize expectations

  • Common psychological reactions are violence, unsettling grief, blame

  • Dealing with the inevitable anger and grief, and panic

  • Many wont want to take in what is happening –Denial

  • Many are used to playing the victim role

  • Can we afford to be bleeding hearts, is there any role for compassion

  • Advantages of meditation, group sharing, useful work

  • Education for all in new environment

  • To be strong seems cruel, how be both clear and compassionate?

  • Therapy sessions, individually and in groups, and meditation

  • Local support groups for specific needs and areas

  • Working bees, integrate refugees from the coast and cities

  • Survey of healers and therapists