Governor General

The following was sent to the Governor General today, the 14th of May, 2019


Your Excellency,

You are no doubt aware of the controversy about "Climate Change". Way back in the 1970's I could see problems would develop due to the amount of pollution we were placing in the atmosphere in Melbourne. I started writing then to Professor Barry Commoner in the United States about the need for clean air and clean energy.

I then lived in the United States and found that they had a very different way of thinking than most European thought, and that money was really their driving force. Since then I have learned much about the Elect, the Protestant Work Ethic, the Munro Doctrine, and much more. It seems that many believe that they have to be rich to be considered one of the Elect, and hence get into heaven. And so many of them will do anything to get rich, often at the expense of the environment. Former Professor Bruce Lipton - virtually the father of Epigenetics - says that the environment and our perceptions rather than our genes are the cause of most diseases.

And so it was with these thoughts in mind that I wrote to Her Majesty about altering laws to create a clean planet, rather than the endless time wasting discussions about whether humans are causing the current major disruptions we are seeing to the climate, or not. Reducing pollution will benefit all of us, except perhaps those that are temporarily benefiting from making huge amounts of money at the expense of our only home.

I have placed the letter on one of my websites ( and am asking my friends and aquaintances to read it, and if they agree to either contact you or the Queen to see if we can persuade our politicians to change course and protect the planet rather than destroying it for the sake of making more man made money.

The link to the letter to Her Majesty is here:

and the link to my request that others get involved is here:

For your convenience, I shall also send it to you in the next email.

Your Excellency, I only hope we have not left it too late in what will almost certainly become a battle to save the environment. Another of my websites has some details of the damage - particularly the John James newsletters on it.

Yours sincerely,

Clement Beresford-Clarke

Tel 0401054155