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I would like millions of people to join this new website which allows all of us to ask questions and contribute answers about how we can take action now to actually do something positive about our only home. There is no Plan B!

Just like the school children marching worldwide, we older ones and elders need to use our experience to influence local governments and federal parliaments to give us clean air, clean water, clean food, clean energy and a financial system that works for all. After we have the basics in hand, then we can really create a loving supportive planet so that we can all survive and thrive.

This website is very much a work in progress, however let's go!

We are God's Hands. By God, I mean the Life Force, the Energy Source, the Chi, the Prana. That which created us, the planets and the universe. That which created our home. Our home that we can work on creatively and beautify to make ourselves comfortable on and work with all lifeforms so that they too can achieve their aims, which may be just to live! Some animals such as crows, dolphins, elephants etc do have the ability to think and solve problems. Most, however, lack a frontal cortex and therefore do not have a concept of past and the future. They just live in the present.

Although the name of this site may evoke in some the thought that it is a religious website, it isn't really. There is to be no Bible bashing or suggestions that the earth is only 4,000 years old! While it takes two wings to fly, major left and right wing thought will be excluded. This site is about us working together to enhance the world, and help each other. Many religions have this concept such as Catholics, Anglicans, Bhudists and more. Religions that believe you must be rich to get to heaven have no place here. Money should be seen as an energy source to enhance life for all. Of course, many will see this as being socilaist or even communistic, especially many Americans who religions are based on Calvinism to a large extent. Making money at the expense of the environment is merely a Death Cult for the entire planet. Money is made by banks and governments from nothing (see Quantitaive Easing) and used to enslave us. The same money, used correctly, can enhance the world.

Despite problems with the Church, the Pope is doing an extraordinary amount of work to help save the planet. He needs to be supported. As does our future King, Prince Charles. Many religions such as Islam and Protestantism are stuck in the past. By relying totally on the Bible or the Koran, they cannot advance. They view science as the enemy. Science is advancing and learning more about our world, the universe, and the quantum world we live in and that helps us in our collective thoughts.

Ease of living and beauty helps us to be creative and help us to co-create a beautiful world.

And so let's work together to create a planet with clean air, clean water, clean food and a financial system that helps us do that. Then we can create a planet where we can all live lives of Ease, Joy and Glory,

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