Carbon in the earth is now being released through many feedbacks. Just hit the news that soil respiration is about to add between 0.45 and 0.71 parts per million of CO2 to the atmosphere every year”. We know that methane in Arctic permafrost and clathrates is being released 200 times faster than usual. The impact of forest fires has been overlooked but can be as high as half the total emissions from fossil fuels. Droughts that now circle the globe reduce forest ability to absorb carbon. And so on. Everybody knows the changes are speeding up. We seem to be past the point of no return. We could be witnessing multi-metre sea level rise over the next decade or so. There is no escape. As James Hansen said, “this is inevitable”. We the people now have to act for our own survival. We cannot trust the politicians. Its up to us, and we can, as long as we start now. On the South Coast we have begun a process that we would like to see advanced everywhere. On every front we intend to implement local alternatives for all aspects of our lives so we are independent of endangered supplies. When we follow the connections between rising seas, fleeing populations and the collapse of industry its obvious we will find it increasingly difficult to import fuel, food and manufactured goods on which we depend. Think about the consequences, and the tensions and panic that would follow. We have oversimplified the issues into eight headings. There are answers to each one as long as we act while there is still time.

This data base is a general question and answer data base about improving and creating a supporting environment for the planet and all it's creatures.

Our food is being manipulated with chemicals such as Roundup, and at the same time being genetically modified. It is not the clean pure food that we once had. As Dr. Bruce Lipton says, our environment and food are what make us ill, not our genes.

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