Flooding and Refugees

The amount of heat already stored in the oceans is believed to be sufficient to raise sea levels by 4-7 metres as the great ice shields in Greenland and Antarctic collapse. Storm surges and peak tides could double the seas penetration. Some of the consequences would be:

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Discussion Points:

  • Destruction of infrastructure and coastal housing, industry etc

  • Drowning harbours with lack of petrol, food and replacements, repairs and medical

  • What will happen to money and credit? Will the banks and credit cards survive?

  • The communal grief when our lifestyle disappears, shopping centres close, etc

  • International conflict, there are enough scenarios right now

  • Produce a billion refugees (both overseas and a million of our own)

  • Inevitable imposition military/police control, breaking down into local armed gangs

  • Government would block the internet and phones, start rationing, draconian resettlement