Good health is highly desirable if we are to live a life of ease, joy and glory.

Usually, one talks about physical health and mental health as two separate subjects, but as we learn more and more it is crystal clear that our overall health is affected by our thoughts. It used to be believed that our genes control our health - however, as Dr. Bruce Lipton points out, the expression of our genes is controlled by our thoughts and the environment.

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There are quite a few people who against original herbal medicines, and there are a number who are against the allopathic or convential medicines. And there are those who do not understand homeopathy or energy medicine.

My view is that there is room for all. And don’t forget that most modern medicines are made from herbs and similar natural plants and minerals anyway!

Of course, trauma medicine is fantastic for accidents and trauma in general. There is a new form of medicine being implemented in a number of centres and hospitals around the world – that is Energy Medicine.

Energy medicine is based on the fact that we are all actually made of energy, and not matter, as it seems to us! We are made of atoms and molecules, and we need to ask what they are. Atoms are slowed down energy. Just as we can take invisible steam and slow it down to get a liquid (water), and slow it down or cool it further, we will get a solid – ice.

Many scientists now talk of quantum physics, and say that everything is energy. Einstein’s formula of E=MC2 states that Energy and Matter are interchangeable.

Dr Bruce Lipton used to teach the standard (now shown to be incorrect) dogma that genes or DNA cause diseases. His work now shows that genes do not cause diseases – rather it is how we perceive the environment or think abot it that allows our bodies to slip into dis-ease and become ill. His work is called Epigenetics, and is taught all over the world.

Lynne McTagart and Sheldon talk of the Field. Our bodies are atoms and molecules held in a particular position or form. The Field is the force that keeps our bodies in this form, just as the invisble force of a magnet keeps iron filings in a particular form.

Moving a finger requires that millions if not billions of cells are involved. How are all these cells co-ordinated? Jennifer Hough talks of telemeres being each cells attenas. And these pick up information from the field, which tells each cell how and when to move.

For a healthy body, we require clean water, food, vitamins and minerals. We also require a mind that believes we are healthy. The brain has been shown to be plastic, and it can be changed. A brain that has positive programs or beliefs in it will provide us with health. And Dr Joe Dispenza has many videos on Youtube describing one way to achieve a positive mind. Likewise, Dr Greg Braden shows how thought can cure cancers.

There are many types of energy mind and body healing modalities. For example,




and many more

It can be quite a mind shift to start thing in these new ways. The following videos are ones that maybe useful to introduce yourself into this new way of thinking about energy, matter and healing.