We are God's Hands. Let's Work Together to Enhance the Planet!

There is no Planet B - let's
repair this one and make it beautiful starting with the Environment. A clean environment will get more us out of Fight, Flight or Freeze mode so that we can use our frontal cortex, and actually THINK!

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This website is undergoing MAJOR changes. Google insisted that a new way of making websites had to be followed.

Sorry. I am working on it. But let's make a start! Please join and then we can have proper discussions and find solutions to our problems. There will be discussion groups for clean energy, clean food, health, education and more, plus links to others.

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and let's get on with it. Time is running out. Then is no Planet B.


Clement Clarke

Below are the main subject areas that will be tackled initially.

Visualise millions of us working together to save and beautify the planet, and humanity. To bring beauty and paradise to our home, the third rock from the sun. Heaven on Earth - Paradise. A place where people support and love and support each other - living lives of Ease, Joy and Glory. Beautiful food, clean water, clean air. A happy place where people are free and can and do explore their creativity. Where men and women love and support each other.

Note: This is not a Religious Website despite seemingly so. More

This site is to connect Men and Women of Good Will, Spiritual Warriors, the LightWorkers, the Co-Creators, the Access Consciousness Groups, Humanity's Team people, the Lipton, Dispensa and Bradden people, all the people that want to save the environment and the animals, and the humans.

Regardless of whether you believe in man made climate change, or nature's climate change, it is happening. Sitting on one's hands is NOT AN OPTION. We need to co-operate - to work together - to create heaven on earth.

The planet is being destroyed before our very eyes. The environment - clean water, clear air, clean food and clean energy are being legislated away. If we want to continue having an environment that supports humanity, we need to take action.

On this website you will see newsgroups you can subscribe to that will give you information. You will see Question and Answer groups with solutions to common problems, and you can ask your own questions and have others provide answers. Here, you will see some categories that need to be changed, enhanced or in other ways supported to ensure that our planet can support humans and other animals. Please join and ask your friends to join so that we can start supporting Earth, and hence us. We only have a few short years.

Please, join the New Comers Google Newsgroup. You can join by sending a blank email mailto:members+subscribe@creatingheavenonearth.org, or by joining online here. And it is easy to unsubscribe, too. We will be encouraging you to join and use your expertise to help in our forums and special purpose groups.