It's Clem Clarke here from Canberra in Australia.

I would like millions of people to join this new website which allows all of us to ask questions and contribute answers about how we can take action now to actually do something positive about our only home. There is no Plan B! Just like the school children marching the other day, we older ones and elders need to use our experience to influence local governments and federal parliaments to give us clean air, clean water, clean food, clean energy and a financial system that works for all. After we have the basics in hand, then we can really create a loving supportive planet so that we can all survive and thrive.

This website is very much a work in progress, however I have set up a Question and Answer group with just a few questions so far that we can expand upon.

PLEASE join by sending a blank email to  both members and questions and we can get started. You can view the QandA group here: